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Step 1: Get a Quote. This is the first step in the process to get your horse shipped by Equine Express. Please fill out this simple horse transportation quote form, and click submit. One of our dispatchers will reply to you the same business day if it is submitted by 4:00 pm, CST. You can also feel free to call us at 1-800-545-9098, during our normal business hours, and speak to a dispatcher or assistant dispatcher to get a horse transportation quote immediately. Please Note: Requesting a quote does not initiate our reservation process. Once you receive your horse transportation quote, please proceed to “Book a Trip” which will notify our dispatchers of your upcoming shipment.

Transportation Quote

Fill out our form to get a quote on transportation of your horse. If you need to contact us: Phone #: 800-545-9098 Fax #: (940) 365-9408 Equine Express N.A. Inc. P.O. Box 501 Pilot Point, Texas, 76258

Departing Information

Please Note: The desired date is your earliest date of pick up when the coggins and health certificate will be available for the driver. If you have specific time requirements, please notate them in the comments area below.

Destination Information

Horse Information

Since you have 5 or more horses to ship, please give a general overview of your shipment and plans and we will be in touch shortly to discuss options with you, which may include reserving a private truck for your farm or ranch.
If you have questions or there are any other details that we should be aware of, please let us know.
If referred by a friend, please let us know who so we can thank them.

IMPORTANT: Only press the “SUBMIT” button one time. Depending on your connection speed, our system may take up to two minutes to process your information and notify our dispatchers. DO NOT PRESS AGAIN UNLESS YOU HAVE WAITED AT LEAST 60 SECONDS. You will automatically be taken to a “success” page. Thank you, -Equine Express