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“Working for Equine Express NA, Inc has been an experience like none other. To have people to work for, who have a high level of integrity and work ethic, inspires one to be their best. And the opportunity to meet people throughout this country, from coast to coast, of all walks of life and backgrounds, is that which I personally feel is not something that you can find in just any job. People who are compassionate, confident, and take the time to listen and learn, are what make the difference in you and the horses’ experience with us on their journey.”

~Geno, Equine Express Driver since 2004

Horse Transportation Job Openings

Equine Express provides specialized services for the equine industry and we have immediate horse transportation job openings for CDL drivers with horse experience.

We have a 98 % customer rating due to our outstanding quality of drivers.  We have been serving the industry for over 30+ years. Consider the benefits of a horse transportation job where you are part of our family:

  • New state-of-the-art trucks
  • Home on weekends – all loads originate and end here
  • Team operations
  • Our loads walk on and off
  • Best insurance on the market today
  • Best pay in the industry plus profit sharing
  • Numerous bonuses throughout the year
  • Best dispatching group in the world, we think so anyway!
  • Travel, meet great people, and see the country’s most beautiful horse farms
  • If you would like to join our team, call Mr. Mike Alexander, V.P. Operations @ 800-545-9098 to discuss your future!

Please go to our contact page to inquire about horse transportation jobs and submit your resume.

I shipped my horse from Maryland to Colorado and cannot say enough good things about Equine Express! Excellent communication skills and bent over backwards to help me coordinate flying back to Maryland from Colorado to meet the truck. I was a bit of a nervous wreck shipping my horse, and Amanda patiently answered all of my questions and was always cheery and comforting that they would take care of her. Drivers on both ends of her trips gave me an hour window and arrived right on time in addition to also being incredibly friendly and personable.

Darwin made sure to let my horse sniff him and gave her some pets before walking her out of the barn…an incredibly nice gesture, especially considering it was 2 in the morning! Caleb was also really gentle and sweet with her when he dropped her off in Colorado. She looked great and he was sure to tell me how much she had been eating and drinking, which I really appreciated.

Back in the office, Mike also did a wonderful job and Amanda really brought it home with her attention to detail. I even changed the pickup location two days before she was getting picked up, and they had no issue. Amazing from start to finish!!

Cannot say enough good things about Equine Express!

We order Equine Express services to transport a 2.5 year old horse from FL to CA, Los Angeles.  They provide excellent service.  Our horse arrived happy and healthy.  And this is considering that he has never been transported on such long distances.  Excellent communication: Max called us during the trip to notify about our horse condition and their location.  They arrived exactly on time.  Highly recommend Equine Express to any horse owner!

Excellent service
Olga L.

I have had horses all my life but always bought them locally, in December 2017 I saw two nice looking well broke geldings on a Facebook post, they were at an Arkansas kill pen lot where unsold horses will be put in a semi trailer for a one way trip to Mexico to be slaughtered.  So I buy these two horses now how do I get them from Arkansas to Washington State???  First I asked my POC at the Arkansas facility who she recommended and she sent me some names and numbers for small haulers but I decided to go on line and look for a commercial equine transport company, up popped Equine Express.  I checked their website, checked the Yelp reviews and decided that this was the group that I wanted to hire to move my horses.  Mike at the EE office was very helpful and the quotes for the cost to pick up my horses, provide them with their own roomy box stalls during the trip, haul them back to their facility in Pilot Point TX where after a few days rest they were put on their rig and hauled up to Washington was very reasonably priced.  I really felt comfortable with the whole process with this company.  The driver also contacted my POC at the Arkansas facility for the pick up and she had a great experience during the pickup and loading of the horses with this company.  The horses came off the truck calm and dry after the two day trip to Washington.  I got calls from the drivers during the trip on how the horses were and their route and ETA up to my place.   Not only were my two horses on the trailer when they arrived but another horse that was going up towards Seattle to get dropped off plus they were going to pick up a few more horses the next day in Washington to haul south with. When I met the driver he told me that this company is also the major hauler for the SE colleges that have equine programs.  They’ll go up to those college campuses and fill up their rigs with horses going to competitions.  How cool is that!  Definitely recommend this company and will use again in the future.

Will use again in the future
Em K.

I just want to thank Darwin and William for getting my horse Trevor from Bridgeton NJ to Pendleton South Carolina. They were so kind and treated my horse like he was one of their own. I want to thank them for keeping me updated throughout the entire trip and they even sent me pics of Trevor to ensure that he was doing good. He was in perfect condition when he stepped off that trailer. He was not stressed at all. He even nuzzled them as to say thank you for a great hauling experience. I will definitely use Equine Express again. If you need to have your horse hauled long distance Equine Express is the people to use. They are experienced horse people who care for your horse. Darwin and William. I can’t thank you enough!

Highly Recommended!
Kim connery

Thanks to the Driver and to all at Equine Express. We are so very pleased with the complete manner in which you handled our pony, Scout. The Driver was so kind that he waited 30 minutes after arriving to give my daughter along with her two kids, Teagan and Declan, my grand kids, time to arrive before taking Scout off of the van.THANKS SO VERY MUCHPat Dunn and family,

The Best
Pat Dunn

if i could rate 10 stars i would. I was beyond impressed with how the employees of this company interacted with my filly. She was new to leading, had never loaded, and never seen strangers before. They took their time with her and she walked off the trailer like she had done it all her life. I would recommend Equine Express to anyone looking for Hauling. They were responsive, kept in touch the entire trip and were all smiles and professional. They were so nice to me and my horse. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Equine Express for bringing me my dream horse.

Kelley McCarty

Equine Express was EXCELLENT!! We shipped our big gelding from north of Seattle Washington to Los Alamos New Mexico. He was there in 48 hours and arrived in great shape. I was nervous about it, never having shipped a horse before, and Trace had only been trailered to local trail rides in the past. We opted for the box stall because we wanted Trace to be free to turn around. He was acting up at first and they knew exactly what to do. He settled down after the truck was underway. This company has a LOT of experience. The driver Jared was a total professional and very pleasant. I especially appreciated how he enjoyed the horses he was caring for. Kept me apprised of his location and how the horse was doing. The booking process was clear and easy and they made sure all my questions were answered.
I wish I could include here my photos- before that trip and after. To show the equipment and how good our horse looked. Thank you Equine Express.


Ill never use a different hauling company again, these guys are truly outstanding in every way! They go above and beyond.

Never again!
Deanna Arbucci

That big Rig has come down my street 4x in 2014 and every time they were on time and had kept me informed on the arrival time. My horses have kept their weight on and came off the truck relaxed. The drivers are always polite and handle the horses with ease and professionalism. Thank you Equine Express….I posted a photo of my pony being delivered last week here in Florida and said Thank You Equine Express on my Facebook page.

Great Job
Kim Hanrahan

Equine Express was forthright from the get go. What they said is what they did. Courteous, helpful and responsive whenever I phoned them. My new young 2yr old mare arrived within an hour that they had said all the way from Dallas to Buffalo. She was happy,hydrated, and rested in her box stall. I usually do my own shipping, but would definitely use them again. There were two drivers both experienced horsemen. I could phone them enroute and ask how the mare was traveling and the ETA! Thank you!

What they said, is what they did...
I H Hunt, DVM / Dr. Hunt, DVM

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for doing such a fabulous job shipping my horse from Katy, TX to Hampshire, IL. From the very start, your company was professional, friendly and beyond helpful! My horse, McCartney, arrived healthy, happy and in great spirits. Thanks so much for making what could have been a very stressful experience into such a wonderful experience. I will recommend your company to everyone I know!

Fantastic experience!
Christine Filipski

Thanks for shipping our Oklahoma State University Equestrian Team horses to the Nationals! Thanks for such quality service.  Looking forward to next year!

Thanks for such quality service.
Oklahoma State University

My horses are not show horses and don’t have a high value to anyone but me??.but they are very important to me and as a result, I spent weeks worrying about the move and all the things that might go wrong in transporting my 2 horses and one Donkey from Oregon to California. But, I picked Equine Express to move them and the communication before and during the move was excellent. The horses arrived on time and were in great shape. The drivers were experienced horsemen who were patient and careful with all their passengers. I hope not to do another move like this one again??but if I ever need to move my horses, or if anyone asks for a recommendation – I would insist on using Equine Express. Thank you so much for the care and communication – it was invaluable to ease my concerns and I so much appreciated all that you did to keep my horses safe and sound.

What a relief - Thank you!
Nancy Hubbard

Excellent experience from start to finish. As a non-professional horse owner unaccustomed to shipping, I greatly appreciated the professional service from the people at Equine Express. I was treated very well , and my horse arrived in excellent condition. Moving my horse from Arizona to Virginia was a major concern for me, and my interactions with Equine Express were all very good. From the clear booking procedure to the telephone conversations that kept me well informed of the plan and timetable and then to the safe delivery–everything made me very glad I had found Equine Express.

Excellent Experience
Kate Walter

I want to say thank you to the driver of truck 60 that was west bound on I-40 between Memphis & Little Rock tonight(6/1/13) for keeping me and my traveling pack of 6 kids safe from others passing in stopped traffic. We appreciate you from Joplin, MO!!!!

Way to go Rig 60
Lori Ramsey

Clean, prompt, great communication, and great rates,

Great company

I was on the loading end of the monumental task of getting 5 donkeys/burros and 5 mustangs loaded and taken from Florida to Colorado. Their owner waited at the end, in Colorado to receive them.

Most of the horses/burros had only EVER been on a trailer when they were caught by the BLM and taken to the adoption, and then from the adoption to their new home. 2 donkeys came from a rescue situation.

Enter Geno and James. I can’t say enough good things about these two men. I know they didn’t know what they’d gotten themselves into when they pulled the transport in that morning, but they were completely professional and got the job done.

Geno may be a great driver, but let me tell you, he is AS fine a horseman. He has a calm demeanor that is critical around horses like mustangs, and burros. He never got flustered or angry at the donkeys for not wanting to load. He orchestrated the safest possible way to get them into the trailer. James was great as well, and I think he’s new to this. Trial by fire is an understatement.

When they finally got on the road, they stayed in touch with the owner on the other end, and delivered her beloved ponies and burros to her in fantastic shape! She said they looked and acted great. They took it all in stride, and I attribute this to Geno and James.

Thanks guys! What an experience we had!

A wonderful experience!

After trying to get “cheaper rates” I came to the conclusion that was not the way to go with my mare. I felt very comfortable with the dispatcher or salesman and each person I talked with. Loved the drivers Mark who kept me abreast of their progress and Gary. They were extremely competent unloading my “baby” and made sure that I received the treats the seller was sending my way. Thank you each and everyone at Equine Express for taking such good care of my horse!!!

Cheaper Rates is not the way to go
Denise Boothe

Fabulous company – we have used them twice and they are the BEST

Fabulous company
Clare Staples

You shipped a mare for me to Sandy, Utah.  I want to thank you for a job well done.  I have used EE a number of times and you have always done well.  Your drivers know their stuff!  Good WORK!

Your drivers know their stuff!
Cathie Baldwin

I had Equine Express transport my mare from Conroe, Texas to Elbert, Colorado. They worked to get the trip put together within my timeframe. Even though I had dismal cell service I was able to receive texts and Gino, the driver was happy to do so. My horse arrived on time, happy, well hydrated and interested in her new surroundings. I couldn’t be happier; in fact I have already booked my next trip for a mare coming from Oregon. I wouldn’t want to use any other shipper. Thank you to Max, Greg and Gino for bringing my mare home safe and sound!

Fantastic company!
Karen Duplantis

All of the people, from the office to the haulers themselves, couldn’t have been any better. They loaded my tense horse with patience and kindness, and kept me calm by keeping in touch with me all along the trip. They were also very much on point when they gave me a time of pick up and delivery. Never late and even a titch earlier than they had thought.
I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone that inquires.
Thank you so much again, all of you.

Patience & Kindness
Solomon / Andi S. & Red

Love you guys! 14 years ago you moved our three horses from the coast to the hill country. Your patience was wonderful (2 horses were reluctant to board the van).

Love you guys!
Monterey White

I want to thank Mike and Max, and everyone else who took our numerous calls, and the drivers who got our boy to us safely on Sunday. It was a perfect Easter gift for our daughter to see her boy again after being apart for so long. I will definitely recommend Equine Express to anyone and everyone who needs transportation for their equine partners. You guys rock! Thank you!!!!

I want to thank Mike and Max
Yvette Nicola

Can I give more stars?
Last time I moved my two senior geldings, a tragic accident occurred. I won’t go into the details, but I was terrified of moving them again. After hours of research, I decided Equine Express was the choice for me and I was SO IMPRESSED. My boys loaded better with Geno than they ever have with me (I’m a bundle of nerves after the accident). I nearly cried tears of joy.

I can’t thank you all enough!

SO Worth It

After spending weeks researching online, calling, making a Word document comparing and contrasting 18 of the best commercial and private haulers I could find (being OCD and a worried horse mom is beneficial.. sometimes), I got the best overall feeling of security from Equine Express. I was moving across country from CA to OH and didn’t want my kids going with just anyone. I did my research, and vowed that whatever company made me feel the most secure, would receive my business, no matter the cost. Luckily, EE not only gave me the “warm and fuzzies”, but they also came in with the lowest quote out of all the haulers I contacted.
Neither one of my horses were used to being trailered, and I have an older Arabian gelding who gets extremely panicky when anything in his little world is altered. So peace of mind was KEY to this selection.

A week before the boys left their home, Greg from the main office knew I was road tripping to get to our new home, and he went above and beyond suggesting the safest possible route for my husband and I to drive across country. He didn’t have to call and tell me to avoid the northern routes in the winter, but he did, and he went completely above and beyond to make sure we had a safe route. If that isn’t friendly customer service, I don’t know what is.

Overall, the experience was awesome. My boys arrived in excellent body condition, hydrated and happy. The dispatcher kept in constant contact with me, so much so, that I didn’t feel the need to call in or pester 🙂 Pickup and drop off were perfect timing and the guys made sure to position the truck appropriately so the horses wouldn’t jump off in my icy driveway when dropped off at our new home. A+++ service and I will definitely be a returning customer, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for peace of mind!

Compared 18 of the best haulers
Kristen C.

Just thought Id stop in and say how happy I am with your services and how thankful I am! My mare recently got picked up in Northern California and was on the trailer for 2 days before she got to Oklahoma. She is normally a horse that colics really easily and she arrived relaxed, hydrated and happy to see us! The drivers stayed in contact with me the whole trip and took great care of my baby! We highly recommend your services and will use you again! Thank you!

My mare arrived in perfect condition!
Tamara Conner

OK to NC: shipped WB gelding – Everything went great….

Shipped WB gelding
Trish B.

Spoke with max a few times before th horse was picked up. They did a great job getting me updated! The drivers were awesome and actually cared! Highly recommend using these guys! Wouldn’t use anyone else!

Thank you all! You made the process so much easier!!

Rhaelyn Boycher

Kinzey was so nice while booking the trip, I had some paperwork issues a few days later & she was able to resolve it & assure me he was able to go.

Jarod & Phillip had great communication with me through the whole process, they even got 2 buckets of local water from his barn, so he would drink more.

They checked on the other horses in the trailer too while there, keeping track of who was drinking or not, signs of stress etc…

My Arabian was very nervous about loading. He hasn’t been transported in 5 years. They patiently let him sniff the ramp & when he relaxed, he loaded no problem into his box stall, which gave him room to move I was concerned, he isn’t used to small spaces, especially for 24 hours

The box stall was ABSOLUTELY worth the extra money!
Especially since it INCLUDES your tack trunk & saddle delivered too!

Jarod & Phillip kept me updated, on his drinking & arrival time, giving me peace of mind

My Arabian was calm & settled right in at new barn when they arrived

I am very happy with Equine Express, they made the whole process as easy as possible
I will use them again & highly recommend them!

Wonderful job with my horse!
Kim Brooks

Great people to work with, super caring and nice! My horse rode in luxury from Oklahoma to Florida. She arrived rested, calm, happy. She was well taken care of the whole trip. Thank you equine express you guys are the best!! Would recommend to anyone who loves their horse and wants the best transportation possible for them.

Rested, Calm, & Happy!
Lisa Jouanet

Thank you to all the folks at EE for coordinating the pick up of my ‘rescue’ horse from AR and delivering her to CA. The quote was dead on, the drivers arrived when stated and were very courteous & helpful. Also helpful were the folks at HQ in answering all my questions prior to shipping. I highly recommend Equine Express for your long haul traveling needs of your equine family members. Can’t say enough good things about EE. My horse arrived looking very healthy and happy. Thank you to all at EE – especially to Mike & Jared.

Highly Recommend EE!!
Nancy Martin

We love this company. They brought our four horses San Jose, CA to Junction City, Oregon. They also brought bales of hay and messaged us along the way. We couldn’t have found a better transport company.

Love this company!
Katrina Marie Loera

Thank you Equine Express! You made the move from Las Vegas to San Antonio easy. This was the first time that I’ve ever used a transport company for my horse. Your staff’s professionalism and understanding made my concerns disappear. They were in constant contact with me as my 4 year old gelding made the 1,300 mile journey. As a military member we are often moved from location to location on short notice, this one was no exception. I would recommend your team to anyone who needs professional and safe transportation for their equine.

Relocation made easy

Just received a horse from the east coast. Your company was a pleasure to deal with! Mike and Gino delivered the mare calm and in great shape. We look forward to moving our future business to you whenever possible. Jeff Johnson recommended you and I will do the same. Thank you!

Pleasure to deal with!
Carrie Coe

To Whom It May Concern: We are so thankful for the caring, gentle hands that came to lovingly place Bee and Max in a clean facility with hugs and food.  Many thanks to Bob and his assistant.

So much work goes into caring for horses, let alone the work it takes to transport them. Your love and care and speediness of getting them home safely was done with perfection.

Blessings to each of you, this company and we pray you are well rewarded for all you do.

Blessings to each of you
Sharon & Jack

I shipped with Equine Express for the first time in 2010 after having some very negative experiences with another transport company. My mare arrived quickly and in great shape, and the drivers kept great contact. Last month I bought a horse and had trouble finding someone to move her. Equine Express picked her up and delivered her safely to me in great shape, and the staff and drivers were wonderful. Thank you Equine Express; you helped me out of a tight spot. I will call you for my future shipments.

You did it again
Kimberly Hahn

I’d used another hauler in the past that I was satisfied with.  They’ve since sold their business.  I looked up different haulers, and I decided to contact Equine Express.  I’m so glad I did; I’m very happy with the service I got!  I never worried about my horse or how he was doing on his 3 day trip.  Management is very open with their communication, as well as the driver!  Service and satisfaction seem to be priority to them.  I will certainly call them for my future needs, and I definitely recommend them!!

I definitely recommend them!!
Shanon G,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great job of transporting my horse from Il to TX. Tim, at the pickup location, called and told me how impressed he was with the people who showed up at his place to get the mare. He said they were great people with an obvious knowledge of horses. I found the same to be true when she was dropped off at my place in Crockett. You gave me a time when things were going to happen and kept to that schedule.

My wife and I visited with the couple who dropped her off and found them to be VERY likable. They spent some time with us getting the mare settled and shared their knowledge of driving horses.

Just wanted to say thanks

Thanks to everyone at Equine Express for providing exceptional service from start to finish with the recent shipment of my Dales pony – Loki.

Thank you!
Kristl K.

I only have great things to say about Equine Express and their drivers!! You have safely and quickly moved my mare from Long Island, New York to Southern California and then to Houston, Texas. You made the trip pleasant for her so she now sees a trailer and cannot wait to get on!! I cannot wait to load her up again for our next move with Equine Express!!!

I only have great things to say about Equine Express
Liz Corkett

I honestly don’t know where to begin. Here goes…Equine Express didn’t just fulfill my expectations, they SURPASSED them by a wide margin. From the excellent website to the dispatchers and the drivers and the folks working at the stables at your hub. EVERYONE was pleasant, courteous, and thorough. Caleb, Maegan, Scott & Steve, Geno & Booze, Colton…if I left anyone out I apologize profusely. Every single person I talked with at your company was superb.

I can’t imagine ever using another company besides Equine Express to ship my horses. Entrusting your horses to complete strangers is very stressful, but all the stress was removed by your extremely capable employees. I KNEW I had nothing to worry about! I am very grateful to you all for ensuring my two horses made it here in great shape.

Everything was perfect, but if I had to highlight one thing it would be the stellar communication that your folks initiated and maintained throughout the six days my horses were in your care. That communication was key in relieving any stress I may have had.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Hope to “see” y’all sometime in the future!

– Pat Kreisler

I can't imagine ever using another company!
Pat Kreisler

Thank you guys sooo much! You made the whole process so incredibly easy and my filly showed up in the best of conditions and wasn’t at all tired or stressed. I am beyond impressed. Bob and Nikki did awesome.


I’ve used them twice. Once to bring horses from NY to MO and then from MO to WA. I can’t say enough amazing things about this place.  They even moved around a shipping schedule when I had a last minute move with horses. I love them and refuse to use anyone else (since I was super stupid and used another company I also reviewed.  NEVER AGAIN! EQUINE EXPRESS ALL THE WAY!

Mary K

Joe and Equine Express, I texted Mike and Robert, your drivers who helped me load my three old geldings into the truck for transport to Santa Fe, to thank them, as my horses arrived in fantastic shape. All three have leg and hoof issues and the veterinarian who greeted them at Thal Equine said they looked very well.

Both Mike and Robert were calm and competent helping me with walking my horses down the lane to the truck, which I was nervous about because the horses, adopted rescues, had never left the farm before. They were also very patient and courteous with me. Thank you so much, and I will refer Equine Express to everyone I know in Washington, and everyone I meet when I move to my new home in Santa Fe.

My horses arrived in fantastic shape

They are great two trips with horses from Massachusetts to New Mexico. another from New Mexico to SC. Layover horses arrived safe and not stressed. Drivers were knowledgeable about horses and they didn’t mind you communicating with them while they were on the road they are a marvelous company been to there headquarters in Texas met my horse coming off rig she was calm. Nice big stall for her to rest in after a days rest she arrived at her new home!

Horses arrived safe and not stressed.
Colleen Poole

I have used another company to transport my mare in the past with indifferent results. I am thrilled with the service and excellent care she received with Equine Express. From Greg in booking to Geno and Bryan, the drivers – you exceeded my expectations. Corazon arrived calm and happy without a mark on her! Thank you so much!

Exceeded my Expectations
Teresa Sides

I recently shipped my 27 year old Arabian gelding from St George Utah to Wooldridge Missouri, to his retirement destination.
From beginning to end,Equine Express was consistently organized and helpful. Both drivers answered phone calls, sent texts and videos along the way.Their kind consideration filled me with confidence and peace of mind.
The state of the art truck,box stall
and excellent care, assured my horses safe and well rested journey.
Thank you Equine Express for a fantastic service to our beautiful equine friends !!!!!

A First Class Ride to Retirement
Erica Dretzin

We are a military family and move every couple of years. This has been without a doubt the best experience we have ever had when moving our horses. When they arrived they looked like they had been on the transport for an hour, not days across the country. I will without a doubt use Equine Express for our future moves.

Military family
Rick DaSilva

Equine Express shipped my horse from NM to NC. I could not be more pleased. My older mare came in good shape on time. There was a layover in Texas which made me nervous but it worked out fine. The drivers on both legs of the trip were very good. I will for sure use these guys again if I need to haul my horse long distance.

Molnar / Ms. Molnar

TBSH re-homes 100s of Thoroughbred horses each year. TBSH has been referring shipping many of these horses to our clients for ten years now or more. We can not say enough great things about this company. They take very good care of the horses. You have to be very careful when choosing a shipper.
They are also very organized in the office with putting shipments together. They respond quickly and are always very polite. TBSH wants to thank Equine Express for all the good work you do and how we love calling you to ship our precious Thoroughbreds.

Thoroughbred Sport Horses.

Sandra / Owner of TBSH

We had our new horse shipped from Washington to Las Vegas.  She had never been away from her prior owner nor been hauled other than locally.  Every part of the transaction went great.  Jared and Darwin kept me posted about their whereabouts and returned all my calls within a few minutes of my messages. Savannah arrived calm and healthy. Jared’s and Darwin’s demeanor around Savannah was reassuring to see and they even had details about her personality which showed they took the time to interact with her. We could not have asked for a better shipping experience.

Could not have asked for a better shipping experience
Ande C.

I can not thank Equine Express enough. My horse wasn’t shipped very far compared to some other horses (~500 miles), but this is the longest trip he has taken since I’ve owned him, and I am so happy I chose Equine Express for this haul. They made it as comfortable and easy as possible for him. I couldn’t be there for pick up, and James and Sammie were outstanding. My horse had previously had a very negative experience in a trailer, and has been a pill and a half to load ever since. They were incredibly professional, patient, and really outstanding. My mother, who is not a horse person, was there for the pick up so Sammie and James handled it pretty much from the word ‘go’, and from what everyone told me they treated him with so much respect and kindness, I can not ever thank them enough. They made sure to keep my updated on his delivery time, and when he was unloaded from the trailer he looked great, not freaked out, not overly tired, and in really good condition. I would absolutely recommend Equine Express to anyone, and I would use them again in a heart beat. The drivers are clearly great horsemen, and the communication from the start of booking the trip to delivery was phenomenal.
Thank you all so much again!

Outstanding Professionals

My thanks to Nic, Brandon and Gerald! My horses were in great shape when they arrived in Illinois from Texas. I was kept informed of their condition during each leg of their journey! I highly recommend Equine Express.

My thanks to Nic, Brandon and Gerald of Equine Express
Judy Benedict

We shipped 7 horses and 2 mules from Bend, OR to outside Atlanta . None of them were used to traveling for such a long distance. I was amazed, nobody was banged up and nobody lost weight! Darwin and Bill were awesome and from the minute they were loaded I knew they were in great hands. It made our move so much less stressful because shipping the horses was my biggest concern. I highly recommend Equine Express!!! I will never consider using anyone else to ship my herd! Thank you!!!!

Thank you!!!
Lori Moberg

Thank you Equine Express,NA INC for your stellar care of my mare coming from NJ to NC yesterday! I want to extend a special note of gratitude to the drivers, Geno & Jimmy who ensured that she did not get too warm by taking off her top heavy blanket, administering her Ulcergard, and removing her SoftRides at my request. Geno & Jimmy were great communicating with all of the involved parties keeping us all updated with ETA’s along with the status of my mare’s condition during the trip. You guys ROCK!! You will be shipping my other horse from NJ in the months to come.

Stellar care of my mare
Karen Eavey Redding

I have used Equine Express two times in the past. As the Director of a large, national horse rescue, I can not be happier with their service. Communication is excellent, start to finish. Drivers are a phone call away, 24/7. Updates and frequent. Each time the horse has arrived cross country looking relaxed, fresh, and not tired. Fees are reasonable, considering the level of service you receive I would happily pay more. I recommend them without hesitation and they are the only company I use for long hauls. Christine Hajek, President of Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
Christine Hajek

Recently sent our quarter horse from New York to Texas during their recent bout of rainy weather. He is a nervous shipper and they took all of his issues into consideration. He spent an extra day at their depot due to road flooding but arrived none the worse for wear. Excellent and knowledgeable drivers/employees. Would highly recommend this company.


This review is a little late as I was asked for who had hauled my buddy when I moved from California to DC to take a job in 2014 and realized that I’d not documented the exceptional service that Raisin and I received from Equine Express. The only hitch in the process was the late timing of my formal job offer, 10 days before I had to be in place. I knew it was coming and had the preliminaries done, but could not book the trip until I had that in hand. As a result, the first available cross country trip was two weeks after I had to leave California for my own cross country adventure. Thanks to my sister for horse sitting till Raisin’s departure he got a good send off. The west coast team successfully navigated the narrow streets of her neighborhood east of Sacramento and loaded Raisin into his box stall for the first half of his journey.

A day and a half later he arrived at the Pilot Point layover where he enjoyed the start of fall in Texas. A little more than 24 hours later my then 21 year old gelding with a bad stifle loaded into the east coast van for his final leg to St Louis (just outside Middleburg) VA. The good thing about that two week delay was that I was there to greet him when he came off the truck, where I wouldn’t have been with my original plan. After well over 3000 miles, he looked and walked better than he had after multiple 366 mile trips in our gooseneck between Tehachapi and Cotati when he was seven years younger. At every step in the process I had good communications with the Dispatcher and crews and they took excellent care of Raisin. They provided excellent service at competitive rates and delivered more than they promised. I highly recommend them.

Thanks for an A+ coast to coast experience
John Barry

Equine Express is the only.. only!! Big Rig hauler to go with! They are amazing! We shipped our 2 senior quarter horses from Paso Robles, ca to Sedro Woolley,Wa. The drivers Billy & Brandon called an hour before they got there and were right on the money! Such nice men!! Gracious and very horse savvy! gentle. the van was amazing.. very clean and horses on board looked very happy! My horses who have not been hauled in 15 years.. hopped on and got in their stalls.. all ready to go! Greg at main office was terrific with communications through out the entire process! I was a nervous wreck! The are hands down the absolute best!! Also talked to the driver Billy several times He was always so nice and answered all my questions.. they arrived at there new farm right when they said they would,, and the owners were very impressed with the guys! and the horses looked rested and happy! I will only use them for big moves! I must also throw out there they were very reasonable in price as far as i am concerned. Box stall is the way to go!
Thank you team Equine Express!! You are the Best in the USA!!!
Julie West

Best in the USA!!! The ONLY Big Rig Hauler I Use!
Julie West

Anyone needing a shipper, Equine Express out of Pilot Point TX was awesome to deal with, from Caleb, in dispatch to Jarrod, the driver… from pick up in Maine to destination in Texas. Kedric looked as good coming off the trailer as when he got on 3 days earlier! Very organized, ready with options before an issue might arise, great with Kedric (a yearling colt), communication while on the road helped aleave my worries…… Highly rcommend!

Highly Recommend!
Patti Murphy

Thanks for an outstanding job of shipping our 24 head from TX to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA and return. Your equipment and drivers were great. Special thanks to everyone @ Equine Express N.A. Inc. for going the extra mile in make our trip such a success. John Parum, Club President, Santa Rosa Palomino Club – Vernon, TX

Outstanding job of shipping our 24 head
John Parum

This was the first time I EVER did anything like this (buy a horse I never met from out of state) and I must say Equine Express was incredible. Very responsive, professional and worth every penny! The whole process was seamless and helped put me at ease. From Maegan to my drivers Jorge and Billy who did an awesome job picking up and delivering my gelding. I really appreciated meeting Jorge and the valuable advice he gave me on working with my horses. Just a super nice guy!!!!

Mary Feight

When I hired Equine Express, I had reviewed and researched so many companies and felt this company was the best choice. Boy was I right! Mike Alexander helped me every step of the way. He took my several calls and emails with questions and responded so quickly. They kept me updated every step of the way and made it a very simple process. They made me feel so comfortable. When it came time to ship him, I was updated up to the hour of the arrival time. Darwin, the driver, was super polite, professional and handled my gelding with care. He walked me around the trailer and showed me everything. I called a few times on the trip down to check on him and they answered every time and were so friendly.

I had a last minute change to the location he was going to and they handled that immediately and eased my mind. Everything was just so smooth. I can’t thank these guys enough for everything! If you’re shopping around and come across Equine Express, STOP your searching. You WON’T be disappointed!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy Client
Karla Polce

I can’t explain enough how happy I am with this company. I moved from Texas to Michigan 8 months pregnant and had to leave the horses behind for two weeks. They took care of everything and I didn’t have to stress about it or worry my horses would get injured along the way. They have only been in a trailer for half an hr tops in their life and walked off that 20 hr trip like it was no sweat. The people were super nice, friendly and accommodating. They found a vet for me at the very last hr b.c their health papers expired the day of moving ON A HOLIDAY. Even called around for the lowest price. This company truly knows what they are doing. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

I wouldn't use anyone else
Megan Fierro Prudhomme

I’ve used Equine Express twice now. Both times the service was EXCELLENT. Lots of communication, the horses were picked up and dropped off when quoted. My horse arrive relaxed and in excellent condition. The first time I used them I moved 3 horses from AZ to Northern CA, one of which was my elderly gelding, the drivers were patient with him and he looked completely un-phased by the whole trip when he arrived. This was not the case when he was shipped to AZ (by a different company) a few years earlier. The second time I shipped 2 mares from CA to KY one of which was a rescued mare that hasn’t been handled a lot and definitely not shipped cross country.  Again, they were in excellent condition when they arrived. Equine Express will now officially be my go to for equine transportation.

My go to for equine transportation

This was the first time I have shipped horses. My 2 girls are rescues with little trailer experience (and it is likely that the older mare had bad experiences in the past). I was so impressed with the care they received. 5 stars go to Geno. He is professional, courteous and, most importantly; he is a confident horseman that handled the loading and unloading with skill. The girls arrived in great condition as scheduled. Can’t thank you all enough.

Confident Professionals
Laurie Briggs

I have used Equine Express too many times to count and could go on and on with only good things to say about them! They are genuine horse people and are nothing but professional. They have treated my horse, Pablo, with the utmost of care and I love the excellent communication they exemplify with their clients. I am very particular with the care of my horse and I trust them 100%. Wouldn’t use anyone else! Thank you, equine express!!

Genuine horse people
Kaylyn P.

Thank you for your tender care of our horses to and from the Equestfest and Rose Parade in California. Geno and Mike were excellent drivers and caretakers of our beloved equines.

Thank you for your tender care
Kelley McKinney Young

I want to thank you for the super care and service. My mare Dakota arrived in Booker safe and sound and above all in great condition! Amanda was already to answer my questions and really assured me in my first horse move. Leaving her in South Carolina was not easy, but I was completely informed the whole time. Caleb was awesome as well as keeping me up to date as to her whereabouts! I will recommend Equine Express to ANYONE!Again thank you!

Thank you so much!
Ryan Riley

Our trip was wonderful and your company’s service was fantastic. Your drivers are awesome. Prime Time Express and Equine Express are an unbeatable team.

An unbeatable team.
Celeste Coffee

We had to move 3 thoroughbreds from the Bay Area in California to Kentucky. From the very first communication I knew you were the right fit! Speaking to Greg or Mike on the phone, you can hear them smile! The drivers are SO professional, gentle and kind with the horses. They give them time to load calmly (getting into an 18 wheeler could be very daunting). the drivers are great at keeping in touch and let us know when they arrived at their layover in Texas and even texted pictures of them! My mare had worked herself up at the thought of reloading for the onward journey from Texas to Kentucky and we had a very calm phone call from Mike explaining that they would give her a little sedation and allow her to rest before trying to load her. She did fine and once on the road, they let us know that all was well. At the destination, the same gentle handling and smiling faces! Thank you Equine Express, if we ever need to move horses again, you will be our choice.

The Best

In all honesty I have never shipped a horse using a professional company before, so this was my first time in dealing with something of this scale when it came to transporting my boy. After my experience with Equine Express I can honestly say will NEVER use anyone else! Even though we were trying to ship my horse up the east coast around the time of hurricane Florence, the staff did everything they could to accommodate me. Not only did they work back and forth with me to accommodate my needs in the timeframe I needed, but their staff was always pleasant, always available, the prices were reasonable, and I always felt comfortable that they were 100% experienced and my horse would be in good hands. The staff worked closely and kept in contact with all parties involved at both the pickup and drop off locations and that took a lot of pressure off of me. My horse is still pretty green when it comes to trailering and I was nervous because I wasn’t going to be able to be at the pickup location to help, but the highly experienced drivers were able to get him on without any problems. I liked that I was able to have contact with the drivers and all times to check in on him whenever I wanted which made me feel so comfortable. In addition, the drivers always kept the drop off party (including myself) updated as they got closer. When the transport finally arrived the transport truck was certainly professional, in excellent condition, and clean. My boy looked great, there were no signs of stress, and he walked right off the trailer like a champ. The drivers were so professional and helped unload the equipment I had shipped with him along with making sure all the paperwork was in order. All in all the experience was great. I will definitely use them in the future and will be recommending them to everyone I know looking for equine transportation. If you are reading this testimonial and are trying to decide on a company then stop looking because you have found the best.


A repeat satisfied customer with an elderly horse. From pickup in Maryland to drop off in Louisiana, this company and all their employees came through again ontime. I highly recommend them to anyone shipping a horse. Despite a tornado in Louisiana, everything went smoothly with great communication. A great team!

A Great Team!
Sandra Zakaluzny

Equine Express took my horse from San Antonio to mid-Missouri to my farm. He arrived tired but in excellent shape, especially for a senior horse. My farm manager was very pleased with the care and delivery. Greystone Equestrian Center highly recommends your company!

Great Service and Delivery!
KETanner, MD

I am so pleased with the service Equine Express gave my horse Peaches from Montana to Texas. I was informed the entire process and my mind was at ease along the way. Truly professionals and I highly recommend.

Montana to Texas, My mind was at ease!
Katherine Crippe

I want to think the drivers for the great service, they were kind and very knowledgeable.

Great service
Jamie L.

Have used your services twice and am not sure if I ever said THANK YOU! The first time I sent three horses from TX to CO and then two from CO back to TX. The drivers were very patient with the young horses that did not want to load and each time my horses arrived home they did not appear stressed from the ordeal. I have recommended your company numerous times to other potential customers. Your services definitely took the worry off my shoulders and I would use you again in a heartbeat!

Repeat Customer
Janelle Lear

Excellent Service. Always ready to help, knowledgeable, handled both the calm horse and panicky horse mom and family. First time ever shipping such a long way and my gelding was loaded well, calmly, and professional and when he arrived over thousand miles later, he was happy and content with no issues what so ever. They were prompt and efficient and when I asked how best to send him and what to send. They gave excellent advice.

Excellent Service
Shelby Becker

Equine Express is top of the line! The whole experience was very organized which makes things very easy for the customer. My boy, Hot Shot, was shipped from Texas to West Virginia. The driver Geno is awesome, I really appreciate the attention to detail that he provided to Hot Shot for his trip up here to ensure he was comfortable. The whole Equine Express team is AMAZING! Thank each and everyone of you for all that you do!

Thank you from Hot Shot
Amy Filling

You are the only commercial carrier I will let move my horses. You did great with Noelle!

The Only ONE!
Barbara Grofe

Exceptional service. Truly TOP NOTCH!!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Kevin Doyle / Kevin Doyle, Manager of Sandhill Stables

A very big thank you for a wonderful experience this morning during the pick-up of my horse Rummy here in Indiana. Please let our driver know how much I appreciated his professionalism. Thx u again!!

A very big thank you
Lynn Klus

Thank you for taking great care of my horses , cross country , I was worried but being able to talk to the drivers /horsemen was fantastic , all 3 arrived on time and safe , thank you so much, great people to deal with.

Wonderful job

Thank you for delivering our new pregnant Friesian mare to us safely! Using Equine Express was a complete pleasure from quote to delivery. Your rates were ultra competitive and your rigs were meticulously maintained. Mike was professional and very friendly on the phone when making shipping arrangements and the driving team was absolutely first rate and so kind to our mare. Excellent customer service is truly a rare thing these days and you guys totally deliver! Riverchase Friesians will absolutely use Equine Express in the future and we will also recommend Equine Express to our friends and clients. Thank you!

Using Equine Express was a complete pleasure
Angie DePuydt?

In fall 2012, we were faced with shipping our beloved mare cross country.   We were overwhelmed with the complexity of the task.   A local carrier recommended Equine Express.   Equine Express transpired to be an outstanding gift.   From the first call to Equine Express, we were treated with the greatest courtesy.   The Equine Express staff had phenomenal patience with our countless questions as we learned about the process.   Their expertise and kindness put us totally at peace with the task of shipping the horse from New York to LA.

The driver came right on schedule.   The truck was spotless.   Our horse was thrilled with the large stall and delicious hay that greeted her.   We received updates as our horse crossed the country.   The horse was also delivered on schedule in Los Angeles.   What seemed so overwhelming proved to be totally easy thanks to the wonderful caring and expertise of Equine Express!!

We will have to ship the horse again over the next few years and know that there is no question that we will trust our mare to the fabulous care and reliable scheduling of Equine Express!


Heartfelt Appreciation
Susan Corkett

Excellent service from start to finish. Thanks to Mike for scheduling our horse for pick-up! You’re a really nice guy! Billy Surles and Darwin kept in touch throughout the day with updates and arrived on time as expected. Wonderful experience and Rebel looked great for such a long trip! Your friendly delivery was most impressive. Quality work Equine Express!

Rascal Rebellion's fine ride
Michelle Goad

I just had my mare transported from WA to Yuma AZ. She arrived in excellent health and Bob even wrapped her tail as he noticed she traveled backed up to a corner of her stall– now that is extraordinary consideration in my book. Thanks Bob.

Linda Lemberg Ross

I want to thank you for taking care of my gelding and taking him all the way to Maryland from New Mexico. He made it safe and sound and looked great when he got off the truck. Looking forward to sending my others to Maryland once we have sold our homes in Nm, AGAIN THANKS

Truly Horse People
Janine Strasser

It’s been almost a year, but I realized I never emailed to thank your business for shipping my mare for NJ to CA. You were the vital link to a fairytale ending for a little paint mare, who’s first owner found her after years of searching. Your drivers were sympathetic and understanding that Hurricane Irene had just hit, shutting down the NJ agriculture department.

I didn’t have her coggins in hand until literally hours before the trailer was to show up and while I was stressed that the shipment would not be successful they kept me calm as I updated them all day on the phone. The roads were terrible and it was near impossible for the trailer to get down the east coast, but even drained, tired, and behind schedule from a difficult trip, your drivers were professional, pleasant, and were incredibly patient with the mare as she didn’t want to load.

The mare arrived in perfect condition cross country and was treated like a princess. I miss her every day, but it was so much easier getting her home knowing that she was in excellent hands, and I’ve recommend Equine Express over the last year every chance I get. Thank you so much again

Fairytale ending for a little paint mare
Kristen, NJ

NY to KY: Wonderful trip, arrived safe and healthy with my gelding…

Wonderful trip
Ellen S.

I wanted to say thank you for getting my horse safely from MA to KY! Despite the snow storms going to New England the past few weekends, she is finally here and settled right in. Thanks again for doing a great job and will pass you along to anyone needing shipping!

I wanted to say thank you
Ashley Cameron

Earlier this year (2017) we used Equine Express to have our 2 horses Jojo and Poe hauled from Central Coast California all the way to Space Coast Florida. This was the first time I ever had my horses hauled by anyone other than myself. I was worried but it was all for nothing. From appointment phone calls, office staff and drivers; the communication and service was FANTASTIC and VERY PROFESSIONAL but WARM, FRIENDLY and even HUMOROUS at times. Whenever I am asked how we got our horses from California to Florida, I don’t hesitate and tell them about my wonderful experience with Equine Express. Our two horses are just backyard horses: costing us only $500 for both of them. Actually Jojo was $500 and Poe acquired a few years later was free. But Equine Express treated them as if they were high end, top dollar horses and to us our horses are priceless! THANK YOU EQUINE EXPRESS!

Thank you Equine Express!!!!
Mitsi Hall Soucy

Phenomenal company to work with!! I used Equine Express 4 years ago when I moved my mare from NH to KY. As I prepared to move her back up north, I knew there was no way I would use any other company after my first experience. Trip number two once again exceeded my expectations! Everyone is so professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I received continuous texts, pictures, and phone calls with updates along the way. This company genuinely cares about the the well being of your horse and will do everything to keep them safe, calm, and happy! My usually nervous mare came off a long trip as calm as I ever see her and in such good spirits. I HIGHLY recommend Equine Express for any of your shipping needs and again say THANK YOU for caring so deeply about what you do, and for taking such good care of the horses!

THANK YOU to the phenomenal team at Equine Express!
Mikayla Haines

I loved them!! GREAT service, wonderful staff, fantastic communication while my pony was on the road, and 10-star service! I’ve recommended them a bunch and will use them again!

Randee Beckman

Thank you so much for transporting Welsh pony Jemi (Madoc Jemima Puddleduck) from Ohio to Texas. It’s heartwarming when the drivers tell you “If cuteness was a weapon, your pony would be deadly”. Jemi walked out of the trailer like she had not traveled for many hours and she has settled in wonderfully. Thanks again for your great care and fast service.

Thanks again for your great care and fast service.
Sandra Taale

I had two horses transported from Reno to Tucson and I couldn’t be happier.  One horse is a 29 yo QH with arthritis and the other a teenage Paint full of vigor.  The horses loaded right up into their box stalls without incident.  The truck was clean, and the bedding and hay (even though I sent my own) provided were great.  Everyone was right on with calling when they promised, apprising me of the timing, showing up on schedule.  The driver/handler, Nick, was competent, friendly, calm, and experienced.  My friends and I were quite impressed..  In fact, one friend who has dealt with other haulers over the past many years absolutely endorsed Equine Express as top notch.  I would recommend this transporter without hesitation.  Thank you guys!

Thank you guys!
Juliana K.

This was our first experience using a transport service, and we couldn’t be happier.

The folks at Equine Express are super-nice, very attentive to detail, and they communicate very well throughout the process. Special kudos to Jared Stranglin, the driver and rig manager–he called at several points along the way with detailed reports of how our horse was doing, how much he ate and drank and his demeanor during the trip. He also coordinated the delivery timing in detail and was very patient and knowledgeable answering questions during the offload and inspection process.

Overall a great experience and we can honestly recommend Equine Express without reservation.

Great Experience!
Steve & Lisa

My horse arrived today in wonderful condition! At first I was upset because there a week delay in getting my horse. from the original date agreed upon. It was the fault of another client who, at the last minute told EE that they didn’t have their coggins tests. I was angry, at best. I wanted my horse here. In spite of the other inconsiderate client, EE was amazing. The drivers called after a days travel to tell me that my horse was eating. drinking. pooping and seemed happy. The drivers called along the way to update me on arrival changes (earlier and better ) I reccomend them highly!!!

Diane Peck / Diane P.

Could not be more pleased. Horse arrived after a long journey looking rested and relaxed. Driver was aware she did not drink much water. Price was great. Communication was great. Driver was very friendly and helpful. Will use again and recommend to a friend or family member.

Reyna McKee

They brought our yearling welsh Cob colt safely from Maine to Texas in style! Such a professional organization! Highly recommend them!

Traveled In style
Lynda Bell Lewis

Equine Express moved 7 of my horses Florida to Dallas this week.  I cannot possibly say how pleased I was.  A beautiful, safe, clean rig, fantastic customer service, and excellent horsemen handling my horses.  What not to like?!!

Greg and Bob were so patient with my horses.  No rush, no drama, just calm encouragement.  My older horses loaded quite easily, but my babies were understandably scared.  They took plenty of time to reassure them, pet them, and let them consider the situation.  The result: after this treatment the babies thought a bit, and then popped right on.  PERFECT!

Simply the Best!
Jill Peterson

I was so concerned about my horse traveling from Mississippi to Florida, but she arrived in perfect condition. This company did everything to insure that she was safe and well cared for. The staff and drivers were excellent in communicating with me and her departing and arriving locations as well. Thank you!

This company did everything!
Pam Carazo

I just wanted to say thank you to Equine Express for everything. This was my first time ever shipping a horse & Equine Express was amazing!! I definitely recommend it for anyone shipping a horse. At first i was nervous about it, but they got to my barn way before schedule! I was very happy! My horse was being shipped from Ocala, Fl to Wilmer, Tx. They had a trailer full of horses and had to make 2 stops in Louisiana before they got to my barn, and they were way ahead of schedule. It was great. Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you so much for everything
Katie Grace

I have had horses shipped to me from all over the country for the last 8 years. The ones that arrive in the best shape ALWAYS come in on Equine Express! Since the average age of our clients is 23, that is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING! Older horses have special needs and it’s best if they can avoid stress and be fed appropriately for their teeth and gut condition. I have not yet had a colic or illness following arrival of a new retiree who came in on your trucks. I wholeheartedly recommend you to all my owners!

Equine Retirement transport DELUXE
Charna Watts

I can’t say enough about the folks at Equine Express. They were professional, friendly, and treated me and my horses like we were their most important customers. They hauled my three horses from New Mexico to Lakeport, CA and my horses arrived in great condition and obviously comfortable and happy. A huge THANKS YOU to everyone at Equine Express.

Professional, Quality Service
Gale Bray

I have used you multiple times, horses always arrive safe and sound. I will use no one else!

Horses always arrive safe and sound
Jane M.

I could not be happier with the service I received from Equine Express; from the day I got the quote to the day my mare arrived, the service, people, equipment, drivers, and speed ALL exceeded expectation. My mare shipped from Maryland to Texas; she got on the trailer at 10pm MD time on a Friday and was at my front gate in Texas by 3:00am on Sunday! No extra charge for “express run”. She can off the trailer hydrated, alert, and calm. 5 Stars for sure!

She came off the trailer looking like a million bucks!
Jill Costello

My gelding arrived on time, in excellent condition, with zero signs of stress, after traveling from San Diego, Ca. to northeast Texas. There was nothing about my experience with this company that wasn’t top shelf. They communicated with me throughout and kept me apprised of his whereabouts. Good drivers! Smart horse people! Top notch rigs! What more can I say, except that I’d hire them again in a heartbeat….HB

Excellent Shipper!
Holly Bauschka

We have used Equine Express twice. Once from Albuquerque, NM to Atoka, OK. They came and loaded three of our horses and was happy to take some of our hay that they were used to. They arrived in OK around midnight. The guys were in no hurry, patient and ever so kind in handling our horses. If it wasn’t for them, our horses would have been scared after the travel and being in a new place. They were all just so calm. Then, we used them to move the same three horses form Atoka, OK to Claremore, OK. Again, the same professional handling and service. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and the price for their great services. We recommend Equine Express to everyone that we know which needs this kind of transport. We would not use any other service to transport our horses. They really do care about what they do and the service that they provide to these wonderful animals. Thanks so much.

They were all just so calm...
Michael Boling

Equine Express truly impressed me they were one of the only companies and equine transporters that actually called me back and then called me again to see if I found transport for my 2 horses that were stuck in Texas, would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know. Great job


I am thrilled with your company. When I first called about hauling my new horse from Houston to Cave Creek AZ, Greg was my first contact with your company. He got all the information needed quickly, and let me know that they would have availability within a week. When Marc and Jared picked up my boy, they kept in touch with me to keep me in the loop as to when to expect them, and even sent a picture with a text message. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Thank you so much, I will let everyone know what a great experience I had.

Excellent service
Lynn McKinney

This was my 1st time using your company and I was extremely impressed. The driver that picked up my gelding had extremely excellent driving skills. He had a very long trailer and had a very tight turn to make in our driveway. He took his time, getting out of the semi several times, in the dark, to assure he wasn’t hitting anything as he was backing up. He took extremely good care of my horse. At the unload my horse came off with NO problems and not a scratch on him. The drivers assured me during this long trip from WI to AR that Warrior was eating, drinking,pooping and was doing great. I will diffantly use this company again. Thank you!!!!

Extremely impressed
Mary Anne Patterson

I recently experienced the professionalism of Equine Express in handling horses, their treatment of the horse and customer services provided. I’ve since recommended several friends to use this outfit for their horses; transporting for sale purposes, performances purposes and breeding. I highly recommend EQUINE EXPRESS and suggest viewing YOUTUBE.COM to verify any concern. Great Job

Horse Transporatation
Byron Hugh Byrom

We were shipping a rescue horse names Thelma from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. As a rescue she has her own set of issues. She was horrible to load being terrified. Sammie and Jared went above and beyond to get her loaded safely in the pouring rain late at night. When she began to show signs of distress the next day, they stepped into action giving her Banamine and electrolytes which helped her immensely. They called to let me know how she was and even called me this morning to see how she did overnight. I cannot praise these men high enough. I am beyond thankful for how well they took care of her. They really cared and were as gentle as could be with her. Sammie and Jared are truly an asset to the company. I highly recommend equine express and these guys who treated my horse as if she were there own. Thank you for being a part of her rescue.

Exceeded my expectations
Donna Dimare

My Arabian gelding was recently transported by Equine Express from Arvada, CO to Tulsa, OK. The experience was pleasant and professional from the first contact through the delivery of my horse. Since the horse was at a boarding facility in CO and being delivered to another boarding farm in OK, the dispatcher and driver kept both ends of the pick up and delivery informed as well as kept me calm during the process. I had previously booked transportation with another horse hauler and was postponed 4 times over a 4 week period. A few calls to horse professionals pointed me to Equine Express. Even one of their competitors who could not help me for a month highly recommended Equine Express. Thanks Greg and Bill!

Can't thank you enough!
Denise Wray

These guys are THE BEST. Hands down. I had a bad experience with a previous hauler, and so I was extremely nervous about shipping my horses from California to Tennessee. Equine Express patiently and promptly answered every single email I sent. On the day of arrival, they called me when they were about 150 miles out to tell me what time they were coming. I asked them to call me about an hour before their expected arrival, and they did. They showed up on time, and demonstrated absolute patience with my big guy who can be a nervous Nellie. They told me to call or text anytime, and when I did, they were more than happy to speak with me and give me a full report of water and food intake, and poop and pee. They let me know when they were arriving to the yard in Dallas, and they called me a few times to check in.  They took care of all my special requests with no hesitation.  I received multiple calls regarding their departure from Dallas and expected arrival time in the Nashville area. Again, they showed up on time, and my horses looked as good coming off that rig as they did getting on.

In summary, Equine Express is highly professional, caring, communicative, and they keep their commitments, earning them an A+ in my book. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this company.

Highly, highly recommend them!!!I

THE BEST. Hands down
Karen D.

I just wanted you all to know that I really enjoyed dealing with your company, your staff, and your drivers. Joe McGee worked with me in many ways to help us make our trip to the Rose Parade and Equestfest possible. We had to have lots of fundraisers to make the money for the trip but Joe had faith in our ability and he said he would hold a transport for us. I called him often and he and his staff always were so sweet and helpful. Well we made it and the trip was awesome. Our drivers(Geno and Mike) were so nice and helpful, they were always there from early in the morning to late in the evening to give anyone a helping hand. They took good care of our horses and I highly recommend your company to anyone needing their horses transported.

Prime Time Express Mounted Drill Team
Celeste Coffee

Equine Express shipped a Clydesdale gelding from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Corrales, New Mexico for me. I would not hesitate to ship another horse with them or to recommend them to anyone in need of having a horse relocated. The staff was excellent, from my first contact with the office staff, and dispatchers, to the drivers who delivered the horse. They were all very understanding, kind and courteous, which indicated to me that they like what they do, and take great pride in going a good job. Excellent – keep up the good work, you provide a worry free service.

Would not hesitate to ship another horse with them
Midge Sprenger

Hi I know this is overdue but wanted to thank you for the great service and for such great drivers. The were on time, helpful and always willing to speak with me during my horses long trip. It really helped knowing i could call anytime and reach a person. Thank you!!

Thank you for the great service
Pi Downsbrough

This group is AMAZING. Do not ship with anyone else. THEY CARE. They really do. My horse went from Georgia to Arizona and had a stop over in Texas. They kept me and the person that was boarding her for me up to date. They were fine with phone calls. They call, you can call to check up on your horse. They are smart, they watch feed and water intake and fecal production. They are AWESOME.. She arrived with great GI sounds, eating, drinking, defecating. She had NO signs of respiratory compromise what so ever. I was sooo worried, but she did GREAT and the drivers are kind and caring!!! These people are AWESOME!!!! They also impressed the living daylights out of the farm manager that my horse went to… and they have worked with MANY shippers and have a big operation!!!!!


Equine Express delivers excellent service, great communication throughout and fair prices. Highly recommend,

Best Shippers Ever

Very impressed with the drivers, considerate and kind enough to make sure we were safely escorted to our truck after meeting them at 11 pm for transferring our horse from their rig to ours. They were true Southern Gentlemen.

Very impressed with the drivers
Sally M.

OH to TX: Appreciate the way you handled your business, have had bad experience with other companies, will definitely use you in the future…

Appreciate the way you handled your business

I Highly recommend them, as a horse owner we always fear ur horses being away from us but they made me at easy and were very thought full through my horses trip from California to Crockett Texas.

Fantastic Group

Good afternoon Greg ….. We just want to thank you and Equine Express so very much for getting our horse Chile from Prescott, Arizona to Paris, Kentucky.  He arrived in great condition even after the long haul across the country and they just called and said he is all settled in his new stall resting. We were worried about such a long trip for a 23 year old horse, but it sounds like Equine Express really took good care of him allowing him time to rest in Pilot Point before proceeding on the Kentucky.  We will recommend you folks to anyone we know needing professional horse transportation. Thanks so much for the excellent care that Chile received while he was with you. We do greatly appreciate it!!

Just want to thank you and Equine Express
Cathie and Brad Zettler

I booked a trip for my 27 year old Morgan mare for the end of December 2017 from Connecticut to Tennessee. I settled on Equine Express after a lot of research because I had no references for good horse transport. I am so glad I hired this company.

Darwin and Billy were the drivers and when they got to Tennessee I could tell that both men care about horses and know what they’re doing. Darwin was wonderful keeping up communication with me and letting me know how my mare was faring along the way. My mare came off the truck after a very long ride looking fresh and happy. I had been so worried about her but she did just fine in the hands of these two competent men.

From start to finish, from the time I got a quote and booked the trip, to the moment I had my horse home, all of the employees at Equine Express were very professional, attentive, and friendly. They exceeded my expectations and I can’t say enough good about them to every horse person I know. I highly recommend this company for safe, reliable transportation for your horse at an affordable price. They are wonderful people who will put your mind at ease. Thank you all at Equine Express, and a special thank you to Darwin!

Exceeded My Expectations
Debbie G.

I was a little apprehensive about booking with your company….you were great! I shipped a mare and 3 mo old colt from CA to TX. So concerned that they would drink enough, that mom would not step on baby, etc. They got picked up and on Sat. and delivered early Monday…spent the night in your facility at Pilot Point. When they walked off the trailer they were fiesty and happy. I can’t say enough about your service. Your trucks are amazing and your service is stellar.

Absolutely Amazing
Lyn Rogers

I wanted to say Thank You for transporting my horse from California to Texas! Every step of the way y’all were Professional, Friendly, and really put my mind at ease the whole time. When I was looking for a transport, I wanted the best. With Equine Express, I believe that I found just that. While EE was not the cheapest, it wasn’t the most expensive either. If I ever have to ship again, EE will be my first and only call! My horse came off the trailer relaxed, clean, and healthy. Thank you EE, Max, Greg, and Jarod.

Awesome Job!
Sandi Luksik

I move hundreds of horses around the country. EE is the only large, commercial hauler I use. They really do a great job!

The only large, commercial horse hauler I use
Celine Meyers

Equine Express has taken The Sandman back & forth from NJ To AZ 3 times and every time my precious baby arrived on time and in wonderful condition! Mike & the guys are great / I would not use any other hauler!

Highly Recommended!
D. Smith

Just want you to know how much we appreciate your service. A recent trip from Conroe Tx to Pipersville Pa for my Daughter Joy Walter went as smoothly as could be asked for. Your drivers were very  professional and were prompt. They kept the stable in Pa. updated as to their ETA. We would be glad to give your company a referral to anyone that you have contact us. I have 30 plus years in the horse industry, mostly Standardbreds and will pass your name along.

Very professional and were prompt.
Bob Walter

I shipped a show jumper in a box stall with them from Santa Cruz California to Laredo Texas. The were very patient with my constant calling. The truck was in good shape although the box stall was very small. When he arrived for over night in Dallas they allowed my son, who was nearby in college, to video him so I could see how he was fairing. He also watched them hand walk him at my request. They were pretty responsive with me. One negative is that they can take extra time/days to get to destination as they crisscross to fill a truck.

Very patient with my constant calling!
Lani S.

So pleased how wonderful Equine Express transported my daughters’ horse from Texas to Indiana. The set up for everything was so smooth and easy. Drivers Jorge, Lafe, Geno & James were phenomenal. They took such great care of Ruger on his journey. He definitely traveled in luxury. We thank them so much for such a wonderful job. Only got to meet Jorge and he was so nice and friendly to our whole family when arrived and getting Ruger off the trailer. Totally enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you Equine Express!

Smooth and Easy
Joy Cramer

E to NC: shipped 2 weanling – Nice equipment & good drivers, wonderful trip…

ME to NC: shipped 2 weanling
William M.

You are the best EE!  Sorry for late testimony here.  My ApHC, 22 year old, mare  had a great ride from Vermont to Arkansas. She arrived on time and was very relaxed when I saw her in your nice huge clean Van.

Mike is a gentleman and very understanding when I cried after kissing her nose. After 8 years of not having her in my life, seeing her was very emotional for me.  You are my only transportation now when I need one. Your prices are very reasonable and your are professionals. I have referred you to friends and family.

Thank you for taking great care of my girl!

You absolutely are the best!
Patti Longworth

It is so stressful to ship your baby right?! Well know this: Equine Express is a stress reliever! From the moment you call to get a quote you are treated w thoroughness, professionalism and compassion. They explain the route, the time right down to the exact hour they pick up and deliver your horse! You get calls from the road on how your horse is doing and you are always in contact. These are true horsemen from pick-up to the delivery. I opted for the box stall and my horse arrived from Texas to California healthy happy and not a scratch. They shipped my tack trunk, 2 bales of hay, grain and mounting block as well. On arrival you know the guys must be tired (they have two drivers and they drive straight through so your horse is not sitting on a trailer for days.. One day straight through drive.. Tired as they might have been .. They were helpful w unloading all my stuff that came w my horse.. Always polite and handle the horses beautifully..THANK YOU EQUINE EXPRESS FOR A PERFECT EXPERIENCE! I will be using them again to ship my mare from Texas to California in the spring and will have no stress knowing she will be in their care!!

Equine Express is a stress reliever!

I would like to sincerely thank you for your help in transporting my 4 horses across the country. We move about every 2-4 years and this was my first experience with Equine Express.The staff was extremely helpful and patient with me as I planned the trip from New Mexico to Ohio. My last experience with another hauler was a bit traumatic for all so I was very hesitant and had lots of questions.

The office staff gave me notice of expected arrival and the haulers called me before arriving for additional information about the horses and pick up location.  They arrived on time and handled my horses with care. The horses overnighted in Dallas and I was able to call and check on them.  They arrived as scheduled in Ohio in wonderful shape and because there was extra room on the truck for the last leg, the haulers allowed all to be in box stalls for the final 16 hours of the trip.

This thoughtfulness was much appreciated as one of the horses is “special needs”. The drivers were very knowledgeable of horses and friendly. I will definitely use Equine Express for my next move and have already recommended them to several friends.

To The Team at Equine Express

I have never had a horse moved such a long distance( PA to TN) by someone I don’t know and I couldn’t have had a better experience. If I could give my driver Darwin and dispatcher Mike 10 stars I would! They were both extremely kind and patient with both me and my 2 year old filly. They also kept me well informed and were right on time with delivery. Equine Express is the only company I would ever use if I need to transport another horse!

The only company I would ever use...
Michelle Furnish / Michelle F.

I cannot say enough great things about this company. From my first telephone inquiry to the drop off of my animals at our new home, I experienced nothing but courtesy, professionalism and friendliness. Most of all I wish to thank Darwin, and Bryan for their extreme patience. We had a very difficult load with a young Mammoth jennet, but they remained positive, upbeat and patient. This all occurred on a very, very hot and humid Oklahoma afternoon!  Thank again Equine Express! JoAnn, Daisy, Dillon, Sage, Luna and Lady

Cannot Say enough Great things!
JoAnn Kale

Kansas State Equestrian Team – 2010 National Finals – Thanks for shipping our horses to the Nationals, plus bringing our new horse from Virginia.  What a relief to know our horses were in good hands. Your drivers were great!  Looking forward to next year!

Thanks for shipping our horses to the Nationals
Kansas State Equestrian Team

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the wonderful care and attention you gave my friend while hauling him from Seattle, WA to Baltimore, MD. He arrived healthy, happy and relaxed- it made Brody’s adjusting time into our new barn super easy. Again, thank you so much!!!

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you
Shannon Whitaker

PA to LA: shipped 16 yr. old gelding, everything went great on this shipment, great communications with your office and drivers, have used other companies in the past but you are the best!

You are the best!
Ray S

Great company! I have used them 4 times and happy horses each trip! KY TX MI

Great Comapny!
Laura Morgan

Can’t say enough about the professional service provided by Equine Express. Last week Caleb and co-driver delivered my new 7 month old filly from OK to IL. They kept me informed every step of the way. Transportation of a baby who has never been trailered is always a concern. This was my third shipment of babies with them. Each time I had a different team of drivers and each time they were FABULOUS and professional. Highly recommend them!!

Happy Owner
Sandra Rohr

Equine Express took excellent care of my two horses from Ohio to Texas. They arrived in great condition and walked off calmly like they had just gotten on 5 minutes ago. I have a 25 year old and a 7 year old that had only hauled a handful of times and she walked on and off like a pro. My old guy arrived rested and ready to run and roll around. The drivers were kind and courteous and answered any questions I had. Great Company!

Wonderful Company!
Maria Cash-Perkins

Big kudos to the Equine Express team! On the practical side, air-stream van was beautiful and Chi arrived safe/sound, looking great and unstressed. In particular, kudos to Caleb for patiently securing a shipping date and to drivers Jorge and Scott who went above and beyond for my traumatized young daughter who was moving her horse of 10-years to a new home/owner in Texas. These guys did everything possible to help us through it (everyone was sobbing), including funny texts/well-wishes and horse updates on way to TX.
We will NEVER forget their kindness, truly!
Thanks to all!

We will NEVER forget their kindness...
Michelle Spirk / Michelle S. & Gabby

These guys are great, superb communication, the office is pleasant to deal with and the drivers are friendly, competent and very accommodating.

Competent and very accommodating
Lauren Ogden

I just had a horse shipped with Equine Express on April 19, 2014. I have to admit doing this the first time was very intimidating for me. The entire process went very easy and professional. Everyone was courteous and polite, even the person that hauled her down here. He was very easy and gentle with the two year old filly Dunit With Jazz. I would strongly recommend using Equine Express and look forward to using them again in the future. Thank you Equine Express!!!

Great first time experience:)
Nicole Pantalion

AL to TX: Everything went great w/my 23 year old mare, drivers were extremely nice & professional…

Drivers were extremely nice & professional
Caitlyn F.

I have used y’all twice already & am getting ready for a third trip. The first was Fl to Tx, then Tx to Co and now Co to Fl!Both times your drivers were kind, reassuring & genuinely concerned. I guess that’s why I (we all) keep coming back.KA Gypsie Knight & Subtle Salute thank you all!

Frequent Travelers
Kara N

Way overdue in posting my highest appreciation for the most professional manner that Jared and Jimmy provided when handling my horse’s transportation from Los Angeles to South Carolina. I was nervous for many reasons, not the least of which that I was sending my 29 year old gelding, Red, to his retirement home with my friend. They handled my anxiety with the utmost care and compassion. They kept me informed along the way and provided photos of Red and his buddy YoYo. Red has been my guy since the moment he was born and I know that I’m sensitive to a fault about how he’s handled. These guys were the best and I’m can’t say enough about my experience with EE. Red is happy and running free at home in Aiken SC. Thanks!!

Highest Appreciation
Marva Lea

You recently transported a draft horse for me from New York to Texas. I was extremely pleased with your company. My phone calls were returned immediately and my horse was transported by experts. Thank you so much for your professional, quality services.

Extremely pleased
Anita Durante

I hired EE to move a 4 yr old mare from KY to TN, about a 7 hour drive if you go in a straight line. I was worried about the possible stress and fatigue from a standard trailer and opted to hire a professional with air ride system. I’m so glad I did! My mare hopped off the truck relaxed and happy. I plan to use EE in the future for any long hauls. Very happy!

Wonderful service!
Susanna Benedetti

I wanted to let you know how great Jared and his partner were to my 20 year old horse on his trip to Florida from Texas. Thank You for the best customer service on a last minute transport! I highly recommend your company and will only use Equine Express in the future!

The best customer service!
Patty Cross

From my first phone call I knew that my friend who highly recommended your service was right. Greg, you were awesome even when I threw you a curve ball by adding one more animal the night before transport. My main concern was the 30 year old arthritic horse being able to survive the trip from Oklahoma to Oregon without being stressed or injured. Upon arrival in Oregon, the four horses, donkey, three llamas, and six pigmy goats looked as though they had been on vacation. When I looked inside the trailer at the great accommodations, I understood why they all were healthy and happy. Many thanks to the drivers who were professional, friendly, on time, and helped unload. Your service is reasonably priced, on time, you provide great customer service, and most importantly you took wonderful care of my babies. It doesn’t get any better.  Thanks so much!!!

Awesome Customer Service/Suburb Animal Care
Debie King

Awesome Service! I could not have been more pleased with the treatment and service that we received. There were always update phone calls made to me before I could even wonder if everything was going ok. Our not-so-experienced traveler arrived to us acting completely relaxed. If we ever have to travel this distance again, we will definitely be using Equine Express again. Sik’em Nick and Driz thank you for reuniting them!

They updated me before I could even wonder!
Tammi Thomas / Tammi T.

Best horse transport I have ever used!! Everyone there is very professional and took great care of my horse she had a huge cut and they cleaned it and everything! Thank you equine express for taking care of my girl

Best horse transport
Emma Fishburn

Thanks for getting our two horses from NY to TX safely and quickly! Billy did a great job for us and we will certainly recommend you to other folks who need to move their horses

Got Us There Safely
Peter Quinn

My boys just got dropped off this morning after their trek from Georgia to Arizona. They both showed up clean, hydrated, and happy! This may not seem a huge deal but my older guy has trouble with change and I just KNEW he would lose weight during the trip no matter what. My younger guy comes with his own set of issues and I wasn’t sure how he would handle the trip emotionally. My older guy lost NO weight, was happy happy when he came off the trailer, and was even still shiny like when he left me! My younger guy was also very happy and clean and just in great spirits. The drivers and the home office kept me updated daily and my boys were in the best of hands. I cannot find enough great things to say about this company.

PS my younger one is a VERY difficult loader and they were so incredibly patient with him. I was impressed beyond words.

Impressed beyond words
Amy S

Appreciate your service for the 3 mini colts that you transported for me. Happy holidays to the whole crew, thanks to Greg, Max and the drivers, for providing excellent service and delivering the colts safe and sound

Thank you, awesome job!
Noel J.L.

We bought a horse from Texas and needed her transported to Indiana. We found out about Equine Express from a friend of the person who sold us the horse. We really thought that having a horse shipped could be to be a very stressful experience. It turned out to be a great experience.

The great folks at Equine Express took care of everything. They kept in contact throughout the trip and our new horse arrived when scheduled. She didn’t seem to be stressed at all after her trip and arrived in good condition. Geno and Robert were the drivers and they were very professional and courteous. All we can say is that if you ever need a horse shipped, don’t hesitate to use Equine Express. They take away the stress of shipping for the horses and the owners.

GREAT Experience
Gerald and Linda Daily

These folks are professionals I could not beleive how gentle and caring the young grandson was in loading all of my horses but especially my litlle stud colt who had never been in a trailer.

Both of the boys were respectful and gentlemen. It was apparent that their familes are a blessing to anyone that has the pleasure of meeting them. Joe and his family live their Faith.

Thank You and God Bless

Wonderful , Professional and Caring People
Marilyn Brown

We had our 9 horses and 2 mini mules shipped from NW Minnesota to SE Arizona. Among this group was a horse that was partially blind, a 3 yo filly who has never left the farm, experienced trail horses, a super nervous quarter horse and a huge 17 hand warm blood who can be stubborn! Let’s just say Billy had his work cut out for him!! (Don’t forget the mini mules too !!) Billy was patient and kind with my group! The accommodations are excellent and first class. Everything worked exactly as they said from departure to arrival time. Horses did great and seem happy to be out of the cold!! I am so spoiled now! I don’t ever want to trailer my horses again! Would definitely use Equine Express in the future! The price is right too and worth it!!

First Class
Susan S.

I had an absolutely wonderful experience moving my Morgan mare with Equine Express.  It was a flawless transport from Palm Springs, California to Arlington, Texas.  From the moment that I called the office to book the transportation date, to the moment that my horse was dropped off in Texas, the entire process went smoothly.  They were on time for the pick-up, and they arrived earlier than expected to the drop off point.  I was updated often on her progress.  My mare had not loaded in a trailer in over six years.  She walked right up the ramp with Mike and into her roomy box stall.  I was a nervous wreck about shipping her, but my mind was quickly put at ease once I saw how careful and considerate the Equine Express staff actually was.  I cannot say enough good things about this company, and I highly recommend them for shipping your horses!

Flawless transport
Tami L.

Equine Express has transported several of my horses the last couple of years and I am proud to say that I don’t consider using anyone else. My horses arrive in great shape and in good time, and they bend over backward to accomadate all my requests. Thanks for the great service you provide, Equine Express! :0)

Thanks for the great service
Clarion Call Farm

Just met my beautiful new horse, Nigel’s Flight, brought to me here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia from Austin, Texas, by Robert and Billy. My horse looks awesome, bright, healthy, not that stressed and drawn up look you sometimes see on lesser shipping companies. Robert and Billy kept in close touch, told me my horse was traveling well enroute, drinking plenty of water, the van was clean and comfortable, I am thrilled with the job done by the whole Equine Express team. I worried for no reason, should have slept like a baby! Next long haul I need, you can bet I will call Equine Express!

Thank You, Equine Express, and Drivers
Christine Berkeley

Many thanks to Greg and his team for bringing my Friesian mare from New Mexico up to Ft Worth, TX.. She arrived in GREAT shape. I was given the name of Equine Express from Wind Spirit Friesians Paul & Julie Kula. l will recommend your company to anyone that is moving their Friesian without a moments hesitation. Thanks again for all you hard work!! I have those lovely eyes to look at again.

Hermoine is Home!
Rosemary Elden

Just wanted to send a quick thanks for the great work getting Calvin across the country last week. Equine Express was great from pickup to delivery- and even before that, thanks for being flexible with dates and prices and keeping me informed. Your drivers and everyone I spoke to on the phone during the process were kind and helpful. I would definitely use your company again or recommend Equine Express to a friend. Thanks again!

Just wanted to send a quick thanks
Gabrielle Jehle

Equine Express is in the middle transporting my horse he is in layover in Texas and will move to Maryland on Monday morning, he was picked up by Kelly and Bob (he was sleeping), I felt very good with Kelly , with the care that he gave my horse and the patience while putting him in the van, I did not think he would go right on he is such a baby, but he did well, THANKS EQUINE EXPRESS…..have 2 more to move when I move will be calling.

Thanks Equine Express!
Bob Strasser

This is the second time I have used Equine Express to transport my horses. This horse was transported from Washington state to Texas. She was picked up in Washington on time. I called to check on her a several times during her trip and Jorge was always very pleasant and informative about how she was tolerating her travel. I felt very confident that she was in good hands. I love that you can call and check on your horse during the trip. You guys do a great job. Thank you so much. You will always be my choice for long haul horse transport.

Repeat Very Satisfied Customer
Rebecca Powell

I booked a trip for my 6 year old thoroughbred from CA to MT. I was incredibly nervous for him to travel such a long distance because he is young and inexperienced. Equine express was incredibly communicative and answered all my questions. Cody and Lafe were super friendly and helpful and stayed in contact with me the whole time. They knew exactly what they were doing and Baxter arrived in amazing shape and didn’t lose any weight! Thank you Equine Express!!

Happy horse, Happy owner!
Erin Dever

My 4 thoroughbreds went from southern CA to Boston area and arrived in a snowstorm. They were picked up today for the return trip to CA in the pouring rain. HUGE shout out to Jared & Sammie who were literally soaked to the skin in getting my “kids” loaded and on the road. Can’t say enough good things about Equine Express

Noah's Ark

A huge thank you for taking care of my babies for 2 moves – California to Virginia & Virginia to Colorado. Equine Express is professional from start to finish and treated Dolly & Smokey great. I will use them again in the future.

Thank you!

Thank you Geno, Greg, Caleb and all the crew at Equine Express! The professionalism displayed by each of you whether for the horses or communicating with us, was seriously impressive! We had so much confidence that our horses were well looked after and we appreciated all of the open communication. Geno in particular was outstanding! Our Camino Real Region Pony Club sincerely thanks you for your outstanding service and highly recommends your company for any hauling needs. From California to Lexington, Kentucky for USPC Championships: our horses say thank you too!”

Thank you to all the crew at Equine Express
Dana Goldberg Brown

If next time I had to ship a horse and Equine Express said, “That will cost a million dollars,” and I had that amount of money, I would pay it in a heartbeat! From the very first phone call, Greg addressed my worries with understanding. I went on and on, and he remained consistently patient in answering all my concerns. I worried mostly that my mare wouldn’t drink enough on the cross country trip from Florida to Oregon. Not only did Greg assure me that she would be monitored every mile of the journey, but once on the road, the drivers called regularly to let me know how she was doing. I was already in Oregon when she was loaded in Florida, so the calls meant a lot to me. When she arrived at her new stable, I was at the barn to meet her. There she was in a five-star mobile horse hotel: large box stall, a spacious, clean and well-lit environment, and she was healthy and calm. And not for a million dollars, but for a truly reasonable price. It was still dark that early morning, and a long walk from the narrow dirt road to the barn. Because I was so nervous that my horse would bolt and I’d lose her, the driver said, “Don’t worry, Ma’am, I’ll take her up.” The combination of professionalism, constant communication and genuine caring of the people at Equine Express warmed my heart. I thank all of you a million times for taking such good care of my special girl and for bringing her safely to me. God bless Equine Express!

Worth a million dollars
Suzanne Price

I don’t usually write reviews, but Equine Express deserves a shout out for excellent customer and horse care. This is not the first time I have shipped a horse over a long distance. Equine Express does it like it should be done! My horse arrived tired, but well cared for and four hours early. Thank you.

The Best!

We shipped our two horses from Florida to Arizona and I have to admit I was very nervous about sending them on such a long trip. After emailing and speaking to Greg my confidence on our horses being shipped dramatically improved. Our horses were picked up promptly when promised and Jared was awesome with them, very patient and caring. Communication was outstanding the entire time, they kept me posted on everything. Since we were driving ourselves, we stopped in Equine Express in Texas where our horses had a layover for a visit and were very welcomed by both Greg & Joe. As far as the final delivery, I received a call to let me know when the horses were going to be loaded and delivered and once again everything went very smoothly and on time. Levi & Jager came off the rig very relaxed and healthy. Thank you all at Equine Express for such a great experience, you come highly recommended by both myself and my husband Jim. Sincerely, Anne Hamer

Relaxed and healthy
Anne Hamer

Equine Express NA INC Pilot Point,TX

I highly recommend this company with no reservation! After suffering over the move of my 20yr old QH gelding for over a year I chose Equine Express to transport. From start of quote to delivery they eased my stress, which was extreme.

My horse arrived earlier than quoted with not a hair out of place. The drivers gave me updates down to how much he ate and drank. I was impressed with the cleanliness of their rig and the patient kind handling of my horse. They are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but they have my business if I ever need a horse hauled!

Highly recommend A+++
Kathy G

Equine Express transported a gelding I purchased from Louisiana to West Virginia. Although they didn’t have any routes connecting the two locations directly, they made it work by shipping him to Texas, staying at their facility a couple nights, then shipping east on the next trailer. They stayed in contact with me the entire process and my gelding arrived in WV early, relaxed, and in great health. They even unloaded him and walked him to his paddock for me! This is a worry-free company with real horse people who know what they are doing, and are amazing drivers that can handle the craziest back roads with these these giant rigs. Thank you Equine Express!

Best transport company ever!
Laura Goddard

I wanted to send thank you notes to you and especially to Rick Fredo and Geno. The horses were handled perfectly, with care, attention and love and both Rick and Geno were amazing. I would not want to travel any other way and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you, the company and Rick and Geno did. I would like to send a personal thank you to them and have no email or address for them. If you could let me know where to send the notes, I would appreciate it. Again, your company is wonderful and I thank you for a great experience, again…

My horses were handled perfectly
Martha Anne

Thank you for taking care of my new horse Juliet on her trip from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania. She arrived in great condition and the drivers, Jeff and Jared were super! The were pleasant, professional and took great care of my girl. Thank you!

Very Pleased!
Rita Hanson

Thank you Greg, Max, Dale and the gang, for another great job shipping my new horse from Oregon to Fort Lauderdale. He got off the trailer ready to enter the show ring. Didn’t lose a pound. I have used you all three times with such great success!

Thank You!
Bonnie Navin

My mare arrived safe and happy at our new home in Oregon. I can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of her on her long trip from New Mexico. Your drivers were always available to provide an update. They were kind, courteous and really cared about her well being. Thanks again!

My mare arrived safe & happy!
Michelle M.

This was the first time I have hired someone to ship my horse. I must say this is a class act. My half arabian pinto mare was well taken care of, arrived when they said and kept me updated thru the whole trip. And cowboy trucker Bob was amazing. Keep that one on the employment list!!! The whole deal was easy and stress free. Thank you for everything!!!
Connie Poulin and the gals at Winning Edge

First time shipper
Connie Poulin

I want to thank Equine Express & especially Rick for doing such an amazing job! My daughter was heading off for her sophomore year at college & they had agreed to take our horse for their equestrian program. My 16.2 hand, 20 year old Andalusian gelding has only trailered a few times in his life, for short distances & only once in the 7 years that I owned him. Max, Mike & Amanda were so patient in reassuring me that they would take the best care of him. When Rick showed up to load him, he took more time with me to make sure I was o.k. than anything else. My boy loaded right up with just a carrot to coax him… He was then delivered safe & sound almost 600 miles away & has settled nicely into his new home. Thank you Equine Express for everything that you did! Carrie

College Bound
Carrie Smith

At Bear Creek Ranch we recommend Equine Express N.A. Inc. of Pilot Point, TX for all of our horse shipping needs. They have the best equipment, service and horsemen in the business and we trust them with our most precious cargo.”

We trust them with our most precious cargo.
Carol Maginn

Equine Express was professional and sensitive to all my questions and concerns shipping our daughter’s quarter horse to her college. Mike was super about making all the arrangements and Nick the driver was patience and reassuring during the travel time. Shipment was from NC to VA and it couldn’t of went smoother. Our horse arrived within the time frame given and is settling into his home. Thanks again Equine Express your company will definitely be given the thumbs up and recommended for future service to all my equine friends!! Continue safe travels to all the drivers and horses!!

Smooth Transition
Carrie Williams

EE hauled my old fella earlier this month and did a superb job! I wouldn’t consider using anyone else for transporting my Jake. Worth every penny.

Worth every Penny
Tammy Phillipp