Other Available Services

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Other ServicesCharters:

We Provide Van(s) at customers request to ship horses regarding specific loads on a specified date. The customer has full disposal of the rig(s) with only his/her horses on board. Charters are horses transported from point A to B, used when shipping horses to shows, moving from one location to another, track moves and various other reasons that a shipper may desire to hire a rig(s) to meet special shipping requirements.

Special Shipment:

Conditions are the same as a charter shipment with the exception of specified dates. There is flexibility in the shipping dates that allows us to schedule the shipment based on our routing and timing. Rates for this type of shipment are considerably less than a charter shipment while still meeting our customer’s horse transportation requirements.

Track Moves:

Horses transported between various race tracks.


Horses hauled from farm-to-farm, shuttled to and from our layover facilities, tracks, airports and other locations short distances.