Equine Express is proud to be a partner in the 2012 Olympics in any manner we can serve. This year we have been blessed to transport Richter Scale; Jonathan Wentz's training mount for the 2012 paralympic game in preparation for his bid to compete in London. Jonathan is a 2011 Para-Equestrian Dressage National Champion and 2010 World Equestrian Games participant.


Kai Handt, Jonathan's trainer, believes Richter Scale or Silvano Dr Michelle Miles newest acquisition are the perfect mounts to take Jonathan all the way in the paralympic dressage finals. Jonathan had this to say... ""I am so thankful to Dr. Miles, my trainer Kai Handt, Equine Express, and my family for being a part of this journey," commented Wentz. "Kai has given me four world-class mounts to campaign this year across the country and to be able to pick from four horses was unexpected. I know with Kai that if something may happen to one of my horses we would find another horse and keep on moving."

Richter__Jon__Kai__2011_Champs.jpgHowever Jonathan's season turns out we are very proud of him and the strides he has made at becoming one of the top notch dressage riders in the world, He is simply one of the Best of the Best!

You can read the full article on Dressage Daily

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