Equine Express Employees

Our rig managers are horsemen with various disciplines including, but not limited to, farm management, training and horse shoeing. You can rest assured that your horses are in the hands of experienced horsemen when shipping with Equine Express N.A. Inc..

Congratulations to Billy – Driver of the Year Program for 2012

Billy the Equine Express NA. Driver of the Year 2012Billy Our 2012 Driver of the Year (Close up)

Meet Us:

Geno with HorseGeno states:

“Working for Equine Express NA, Inc has been an experience like no other. To have people to work for, who have a high level of integrity and a work ethic, inspires one to be their best. And the opportunity to meet people though out this country, from coast to coast, of all walks of life and backgrounds, is that which I personally feel is not something that you can find in just any job.

People who are compassionate, confident, and take the time to listen and learn are what make the difference in you and your horses experience with us on their journey.”

Geno with equine express Peterbuilt