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Equine Express N.A. Inc. provides safe & reliable door-to-door horse transportation, horse hauling & horse shipping weekly, nationwide, using commercial tractor trailer combinations each equipped with air-ride equipment.

Celebrating 30 Years of providing the very best in long and short haul
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Equine Express, Horse Transporting, Pilot Point, TX

Please click the photo above to watch a video segment on Equine Express NA, Inc. that was featured on the “American Rancher”, an RFD-TV show.  This will give you a good idea of who we are as a company and the accommodations your horse will experience while shipping with us


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Equine Express NA, Inc. has been providing horse transportation services since 1986 and we are proud of our reputation as a coast-to-coast, nationwide, horse transportation industry leader, in providing safe and reliable horse hauling and horse shipping for our customers and their valued and loved horses. Our long standing success in achieving our goal of customer satisfaction is due to three simple principles that provide a safer and less stressful trip for your horse and you, the customer.  These principles are to employ experienced horsemen, provide safe horse equipment, facilities, and care, and prepare a weekly, nationwide horse transport schedule.

Experienced HorsemenOur drivers are professional and well experienced horsemen and women who love and care about horses. Your horse’s safety & well-being always comes first. You can be confident when you ship with Equine Express N.A. Inc. Our rig managers are horsemen with various equine disciplines including, but not limited to, farm management, equine training and horse shoeing experiences. You can rest assured that your horses are in the hands of experienced horsemen when shipping with Equine Express N.A. Inc.

Horse Equipment and Facilities – Our horse hauling horse transportation vehicles are state-of-the-art tractor trailer combinations (semis), fully equipped with air-ride suspension, to provide the smoothest ride possible for horse shipments. This means your horse suffers less stress and trip fatigue.  Our long haul routes have two drivers. To achieve the best traveling conditions possible, the horses’ are checked every 4-5 hours to insure hay nets and water buckets are maintained and that each horse is traveling well. We have excellent facilities that are centrally located in Pilot Point, Texas just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area.  If your horse’s trip requires a layover at our well lit and professionally maintained horse care facility, you can be assured that your horse will be well treated at our professionally managed stable.

Horse Grazing

Nationwide Horse Transport Schedule We maintain a regular horse transportation schedule shipping horses to the East and West coast every week from our Pilot Point, TX home office and main terminal. We have an established schedule to provide horse transport nationwide and stick to our schedule. All our horse transportation rigs are equipped with GPS tracking systems and cell phones so that we know where our trucks and your horses are at any given time.  We monitor the GPS of the trucks from here at our home office throughout the day, every day, and will be happy to give you the cell phone number for the rig that your horse will be traveling on, so that you can be in contact with the drivers, and therefore your horse at any time of day or night.

Filly and Foal in the pasture
Apaloosa running free with its tail held high

Spend some time and learn more About Equine Express N.A. Inc.. See why we are the only real choice for your horse shipping and horse hauling needs. You can also get Answers to frequently asked questions and see what our customers have to say about their Horse Hauling Experience with Equine Express N.A. Inc. Want to know more or ready for a quote? You can ask for a free Shipping Quote on-line or give us a call at (800) 545-9098. We look forward to being of service to you and your horses!

Our Mission

To provide quality transportation service for the equine industry by patterning the company around three key areas:

  1. To have the best equipment
  2. To have the best personnel, with professional horsemen providing quality service.
  3. To have the best customer service, with a support system that insures the customer has added value with each shipment.
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